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Address: 5856 Wilshire Blvd Los Angeles CA US 90036

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Job Description

We are looking for an experienced optometrist (at least 1 year of experience) with great people skills. You will be expected to conduct a standard eye exam and with accurate glasses rx. Additionally, you will diagnose and refer for medical conditions accordingly. We do see red eye and emergency patients. The senior doctor is always available to answer questions and help. Our office is dedicated to having a happy and healthy work environment.


This is a family owned, private practice that has been at this location for 40years. We see about 10 comprehensive exams a day in addition to a couple contact lens follow ups. We know most of our patients by name and it's important that the doctor can connect with our patients. We use an automated Marco phoropter and have all pretesting equipment needed including a topographer and Optos. Our technicians do the pretesting before handing off patients to the doctor. When the exam is done an optician is paged and meets the doctor in the room with the patient for a hand off. 

Candidate Description

We have a small staff of 6 and 1 doctor with a great patient base and staff. An outgoing and eager doctor, who is willing to learn and has great people skill. Our doctor and associates should all be able to connect with patients as a part of a comprehensive, personalized eye exam. We give our doctor the autonomy to practice as they see fit.

Candidate Requirements

Must be a licensed O.D. in California and have at least 1 year of experience.

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Hiring Manager:

Bayan Naime - O.D.


Los Angeles Vision Center