OD Sublease – 2 Locations Next to Brave Optical, Plano, TX

Address: 1713-A Preston Rd Plano TX US 75093

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This is a sublease. You keep all the receipts from your exams after paying for your staff.

Job Description

Our main sublease doctor is retiring soon, and we are looking for an OD who can manage two sublease locations located next to our award winning Brave Optical stores in Plano, TX.  Each location has two equipped lanes with pretest room, contact fitting room, reception, and bathroom.  One location also has an office space and large storage space/break room.


Brave Optical, Inc. operates two award winning optical boutiques in Plano, TX.   We were voted the Best Vision Care in Plano in November 2022 with over 7,500 votes cast.  We have a highly diverse customer base, half of whom seek medical optical services and half who are only interested in routine vision care.  These locations are suitable for a doctor who wishes to offer either comprehensive eye exams with co-managing of disease care or a practice who wishes to offer more medical treatments in house, or for an opthalmological practice who wishes to channel leads into their main office.

We are open to one doctor working part time exam hours at each location with full time staff for proper customer service, or multiple doctors practicing medical and routine eye care.   Building signage is available for your practice if desired at your cost.


Candidate Description

Our patients are highly diverse.  We cater to children over 5 years old and our oldest patients are over 100.  Our patients value a good bedside manner, which means explaining what you are doing and explaining their situation to them and answering any questions they have.  They value a doctor who offers effective new treatments and product solutions for their vision needs and who refers to specialists whenever it is appropriate.  While half or more seek medical treatments, the other half gets really upset if a doctor pushes a medical exam when they only want a comprehensive annual exam with their vision insurance.  The second group values a doctor who does the exam and them recommends medical follow-ups as appropriate rather than billing them after the fact for medical with a surprise $400 bill.  

Our store has a great reputation for service and we need a doctor who shares our approach to high customer service, even for demanding or complicated situations.  We are very pleased to solve complex vision problems for patients who have not been properly served by other practices.

Candidate Requirements

This is a sublease opportunity, so you must be a licensed OD in the state of Texas and must carry your own liability insurance.  You will be self employed and will have 100% control over your operation, hours, etc.

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Jeffrey Gray - President


Brave Optical, Inc.