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great working environment, opportunity to make a difference. chance to be independent and control your income.our own

Job Description

Hello! I am looking for that special ambitious OD who would like to join our unique Rivertown practice, with the intent of owning.  My objective is to be able to continue the legacy of this independent family owned and operated optometric /eyewear gallery.  Personality, drive to succeed, passion, and creativity.   


What sets us apart from other optical practices is our ability to cultivate and maintain relationships with our patients. We have created an environment that is fun, friendly, and safe.  These relationships create returning patients and allow us to help our patients with the best solutions for their optical needs.  We are the oldest family-owned operating practice in the area. This speaks volumes about our ability to connect with people and keep them happy. Anyone who becomes part of our optical family will have the flexibility to be able to offer a range of products that can be as unique as the patient receiving them.   

Candidate Description

Aside from being a great OD, the person who is the best fit for the team is the person who leaves their ego at the front door, is passionate about their profession, has good communication skills, is collaborative about treatment plans, optical needs, and any other office matters, who is forward thinking, open minded, flexible, and respects the abilities and skill sets of their teammates. This is the   beginning of your success journey.

The best fit for the practice is a community minded individual who will reach out to the community in person, the kind of interaction that was done years ago. Getting the community to know you, pressing flesh, and joining some organizations combined with social media to promote yourself, is the most effective way to build up this private practice.  It helpful to live in the area too.  It has been my joy and pleasure to be able to do what I love and help with medical and eyewear needs. I expect the person coming into the practice with the intent of becoming an owner, understands the beauty and uniqueness of this practice and to be as passionate (yes, I used that word twice. It is that important) as I am about providing excellence in eyecare. 

Candidate Requirements

OD degree plus minimum 5 years experience practicing. 

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Teresa Gelsi - Owner


Terri Optics, Inc.