Independent Optometrist – Walmart

Address: 5701 Herrera Dr Santa Fe NM US 87507

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Walmart offers competitive monthly rent for space and equipment. You get the benefit of high foot traffic from our stores and low overhead.

Job Description

Launch your services in Walmart stores!

As an Independent Optometrist leasing space inside our Walmart stores, you will take a leading role in patient care with respect to eye and vision care as well as general health and well-being.


As an independent lease holder, you have the autonomy to:

  • Establish your days of practice
  • Establish your hours of operation
  • Control your patient schedule
  • Set your fee schedule
  • Keep 100% of exam/professional fees


For a fair market value, you can opt into:

  • Equipment/instrumentation
  • Administrative and/or Opt-Tech support services (if state allows)

Candidate Description

Candidate Requirements

Minimum Qualifications for a lease agreement:

  • Doctor of Optometry (OD) from an accredited optometry school
    • Valid state optometry license
  • Ophthalmologist (MD or DO) from an accredited school
    • Valid state ophthalmology license
  • General Liability Certificate
  • Professional Liability Insurance Certificate

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Walmart Health & Wellness