Optometrist – West Babylon, NY – Michelle Yan

Dear Potential Employer,


I am writing to express my intentions as an applicant to be an optometrist at your practice. I am an enthusiastic, public health oriented, and professional candidate who has excellent rapport with patients. I prioritize a strong commitment to lifelong learning and maintaining a high standard of care in my profession.

Through my leadership roles, research involvement, and clinical encounters, I have learned how to work on several teams while gaining diverse industry experiences. These experiences have also instilled in me the value of interdisciplinary collaboration with other health care providers, as the eyes are the gateway to overall physical health.

My rotations at The Eye Center, Memphis VA Hospital, and Park Ridge Vision provided me with exposure to a broad population base of patients while developing my clinical and diagnostic skills in primary care, ocular disease, contact lenses, and vision rehabilitation. I am fulfilled when helping patients live their best quality of life. I also enjoy going the extra mile as a clinician. For example, I have used Mandarin and Spanish to communicate during exams, and have followed up with numerous patients via phone to discuss their testing results, treatment progress, and goals.

Having recently graduated optometry school in 2023 from Southern College of Optometry, I am seeking part-time employment in Long Island, New York. If hired, I will bring a high level of patient care, teachability, and a strong work ethic to your clinic.




Michelle Yan